Laurie Engel Fund

Laurie was treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the childhood cancer centre for much of England and Wales. The medical care there was world-class, but the facilities and surroundings dismal.

When Laurie died, his family set up the Laurie Engel Fund to help future patients get better conditions. Working with Teenage Cancer Trust, the fund raised well over a million pounds – and a new teenage unit opened in 2010. It was a huge success, delighting patients and setting new standards of care.

There was just one snag: a huge gap between the teenage facilities and the dingy ward that still housed the younger children. For five years, Laurie's fund helped the hospital to raise funds for an entirely new cancer department. And in 2018 all the cancer patients moved to a magnificent new building, Waterfall House.

We believe making young patients as happy as possible is vital to their recovery. And we are now backing Teenage Cancer Trust’s plans to provide outings and treats for the patients.

Please support us, Laurie, and all the young people who will have to endure cancer in the future.